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CHOW-CHOW - Mischling Shiwa
CHOW-CHOW/EURASIER-Mischling Shiwa mit aktuellen Welpenfotos, Infos, Links, ...

Baila und Bonny
2 süße Chow Damen stellen sich vor.

Poika  & Tippa 
We are Uncle and Niece and both Chow-Chows. Poika came from Holland, while Tippa is German. We live in Austria, but speak only Finnish. Confused ?

The Chow-Chow Cousins Beer & Pau Lin.
The Most Famous Chow Chows On Internet..-englisch-

Chow Chows are considered to be a difficult breed. However this is a fiction. As with all dog breeds you need to recognize the pack order. This homepage includes a gallery of chow chows from all over the world.-englisch-